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Sakura is a foot massage parlor that cares to provide the best service for your visit. Our team consists of professional therapist and experienced staff. We offer hot stone as an option for your foot massage treatment. We only hope for you to have a refresh and enjoyable experience here at Sakura.

Our Massages


The Hot Stones

The hot stones contain a rich amount of iron, which helps retain heat. The heat from the stone warms and relaxes the muscles allowing the therapist to apply a desired pressure. Hot stone does not just help relax, but it improves circulation and calms the nervous system. Hot stone massage is suited for people who tend to have cold feet or muscle tension, but prefer a lighter massage. 


Acupuncture points foot massage

Our feet are microcosms or maps of our entire body. They contain thousands of tiny nerves called reflexes that correspond to every organ and system within the body. Pressuring each relax send feedback to the related body part to strengthen its inherent healing capability and normalize body functions. Reflexology helps many health problems in a natural way. It is very safe and elective preventive care method and will not make any condition worse. 


A. Foot Reflexology & Acupuncture Body

20 mins Head, hands, arms, shoulders and back massage.

40 mins Acupuncture points foot massage and Hot Lava Stones on your feet.

60 mins ....... $49

90 mins ....... $89

B. Marquis / Treatment Combo / Full Body

30 mins B Acupuncture Combo and Hot Lava Stones on your feet.

30 mins Oil Swedish / Deep Tissue Therapy massage and Hot Lava Stones.

60 mins ....... $59

90 mins ....... $99

C. Body Oil Swedish / Deep Tissue / Therapy Massage

Swedish / Deep Tissue therapy massage and Hot Lava Stones.

30 mins ....... $45

60 mins ....... $65

90 mins ....... $95

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Sakura Foot Massage

2121 75th st, Darien IL 60561

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Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 9pm

Sunday: 10am - 8:30pm